About Us

"COVID-19 was a challenge, but also a reminder of just how much talent already exists within Tasmania. Now, we’re ready to tap into it and come back stronger than ever.”
Shelly Nath, MD

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the workplace is changing faster than ever. In order to thrive, you can’t just keep up with the changes, you have to lead them. Thrive Employment Services partners with ambitious organisations, companies and candidates across Tasmania to close skill shortages and set our state up for success.  

Our founder, Shelly Nath, MD, draws on 15 years of employment and recruitment leadership to deliver a 360-degree, bespoke service to candidates and employers that go beyond the traditional recruitment process. 

With an unstoppable combination of community knowledge and industry expertise, we are your go-to recruitment partner across aged care, disability services, allied health & medical, government and professional services, logistics and distribution, technical trades and agricultural industries.

Why We Thrive

Deep Tassie Roots

With 15 years of experience in the state, we know exactly what makes Tassies tick. Our passion for the community drives us to go the extra mile to fill roles.

Recruitment from all Angles

We’ve led recruitment across commercial, PSA and government contracts. We understand how to optimise the process for both employers and employees so everyone feels empowered.

Industry Knowledge

We know the ins and outs of specialised industries, including the specific qualifications and emerging skill sets required of top-tier candidates.
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